Facility Highlights

Eye Catching

As you drive into the facility, you immediately notice the horses grazing in the spacious grass paddocks.  You step out of your parked car to refreshingly take in the open blue sky with the smell of fresh cut grass.  As you make your way into the barn, you begin to hear kids' laughter and faint sounds of horses neighing.  You enter the barn and walk down the aisle to your horse's stall.  Along the way, you pass a Flying Change Farm employee who smiles and asks you how your day has been.  

After a polite exchange of words, you come upon your stall to find your horse anticipating your arrival.  He moves up to the opening in hopes you give him a friendly rub and a tasty treat.  You enter the stall to put on his halter and lead rope.  You then head toward the grooming stall to tack up your horse for your lesson.  

When you exit the barn to freshly dragged, large outdoor arena, you see other riders on their horses conversing.  As everyone arrives the trainer begins the lesson.  During your schooling, the trainer gives you instructions and challenges you to improve upon your last course.  At the end of the lesson, you feel satisfied with your progress, getting you one step closer on your  journey to becoming a better rider.

Are you READY to make the right change?

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Facility Facts

Flying Change Farm offers plenty of space, care and comfort for everyone from the casual to the serious rider. 

Below are Facility Highlights:

  • Large indoor riding arena (80’ by 170’) 
  • Spacious outdoor riding arena (140’ by 240’) 
  • 7 large grass paddocks. 
  • 3 individual single paddocks 
  • Heated tack room 
  • Premium 3/4" rubber mats in each stall. 
  • Two outside washing stalls 
  • 5 grooming areas. 
  • Lockers available. 
  • 3 facility wash rooms 
  • Barn indoor and outdoor speakers for show announcements and daily music 
  • 41 spacious stalls - (10’ by 12’) 
  • Heated two story viewing room 
  • Downstairs viewing room with kitchen and sitting area 
  • Multiple wooded trails throughout the property 

Barn Hours

Monday - Thursday (8:00am - 9:00pm)
Friday - Sunday (8:00am - 6:00pm)

Hours are subject to change on major holidays

Facility Safety Protocol

Safety Rules

  • Approved SEI helmets and proper footwear are to be worn while riding.

  • All under the age of 18 must wear an approved helmet while mounted. 

  • All students are expected to clean up grooming areas after each use and boarders are to keep the areas around their stall neat and swept.

  • Do not borrow other people's equipment without their permission.
  • No children under the age of 12 may be left at the farm unattended.  A parent or guardian must supervise all children, unless arrangements have been made with the management
  • All junior riders left unattended at the farm between the ages of 12 & 18 may be utilized to help out around the barn before and after their lessons.
  • No one is to jump any horse unless they are in a lesson environment with a trainer.
  • No horses may be turned out in the indoor arena unattended. Any damage done in the arena by a boarder’s horse will be billed to owner.
  • Boarders may use the arena while lessons are in progress, but must give lesson students the right of way, and must track in the same direction as the lesson students.
  • Do not leave horses' stall doors open.
  • Close gates on paddocks when bringing horses in.
  • Turn off lights in the barn and arena when not in use. If you are the last to leave, please lock the tack room.
  • Flying Change Farm provides staffing  to supply your horse with proper hay and shavings. Do not help yourself.
  • Do not hang anything from your stall.  Blankets and sheets must be folded neatly on stalls.
  • Do not leave anything in the aisles. (Brooms, wall boxes, pitchforks, etc.)
  • Only saddles, bridles, and chaps may be hung in the tack room. All other equipment, saddle pads, clothes, jackets, helmet, etc., are to be kept in lockers or tack boxes.
  • All customers and guests are expected to keep the club room neat and tidy. Everyone is expected to clean up immediately after himself or herself, and to wash their own dishes, etc.
  • We love animals but please do not bring your dogs or cats out to the barn unless arrangements have been made with management.
  • All guests must sign a waiver before riding any horse on Flying Change Farm property. 


Facility - Frequentley Asked Questions


Question #1:

Can I bring my friends out to the barn to watch me ride?

Answer:  You can but they need to understand the barn rules for protection of the animals and themselves.  

Question #2:

Do you rent horses for riding?

Answer:  No, horses are available to be ridden in lessons with the instructor present.

Question #3:

Can I work off the board / lessons?

Answer:  Currently we have full-time employees with schedules therefore this is not an option.

Question #4:



Question #5: