Lesson Program


The Flying Change Farm lesson program offers a first-class experience for the beginner to the skilled rider.  Our goal is to help you grow your passion for horses by building your knowledge base, providing proper care, and continuously improving your riding skill level.  With both indoor and outdoor arenas, lessons take place year-round.  We provide proper equipment and match riders up with correct horses.  Our experienced, professional trainer closely monitors the lesson to ensure everyone's safety.


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Lessons - Frequentley Asked Questions


Question #1:

What do we wear? 

Answer:  Riders need to wear jeans and boots with 1/2 inch heel for lessons.  Wear a short or long sleeve shirt, but no tank tops.

Question #2:

Do I need to purchase a helmet?

Answer:   You can purchase a certified helmet or one will provided by the farm.

Question #3:

How long are the lessons? 

Answer:   Group lessons are one hour long.  This does not include the time required to tack up or untack the horse.

Question #4:

What preparation is required before and after the lesson? 

eAnswer:   Riders need to arrive early to groom and tack up their horse prior to the lesson.  Riders are responsible for cleaning their horse and tack before returning all items to their designated areas.  Grooming stalls need to be cleaned after each use so the next rider comes into  a clean grooming stall. 

Question #5:

At what age can you start taking lessons?


  • Usually around the age of 6 but can start younger depending on the child.