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Flying Change Farm has a variety of quality hunter, jumper, & equitation horses available for sale or lease to the novice and experienced show rider.  If our horses do not precisely meet your needs, please call because we have various contact avenues to support your pursuit of your next horse.  It is more important to make a successful match between horse and rider, than it is to simply make a sale.  If the relationship is not harmonious then the sale is not a success.  Flying Change Farm always recommends that an amateur purchaser should obtain the help of a reputable trainer and should get a veterinarian's evaluation of the horse before a sale.

NOTE:  The current "Asking Price" may vary since the last updated date.  The variance could be related to various reasons.  To get the latest information on any of the below horses please call Amy Scheick Gasaway

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If interested in any of the horses listed below please call Amy Scheick Gasaway for more information or select the "Find Out More" button below to redirect you to who we partner with to advertise our horse sales.

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Cullintra (Sales Price - $55,000)

11 year-old
16.3 hands
Irish Sport Horse
Jumper, Equitation  
Currently showing 3'6" or 1.05, 1.10m
3+ Years Showing


Bellisima (Sales Price - $9,000)

12 year-old
14.1 hands
Welsh Cross
Hunter, Equitation  
Currently showing 2'6" or 0.75, 0.80m
3+ Years Showing


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